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Welcome to Venture Yacht Sales! If you're in the market for a yacht, you've come to the right place.

Featured Ships

Featured Yachts
70' Farmont
48' Selene
52' Cheoy Lee
58' Hatteras MY
60' NW Steel Trawler
60' Novatec
60' Jefferson
61' Island Gypsy
62' Azimut
65' Fairline
68' Azimut
77' Hatteras CPMY>
85' Steel Trawler
92' Cheoy Lee
94' Ferretti 2000
110' Evolve Motoryacht
120' American Motoryacht
142' American-built trideck MY
180' MotorYacht

Why purchase your vessel from us?
  • A substantial selection of yachts & ships
  • Assistance with yacht delivery and/or export
  • Associated refit facilities worldwide
For Florida vessels we offer:
  • Onboard yacht systems instruction
  • Dockage in Fort Lauderdale
  • No taxes (most circumstances) except for Florida residents

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South Florida - where the yachts are
South Florida, where the yachts are!
This is the level of service you deserve!

We cooperate with licensed yacht brokerages on a 50% - 50% basis, coming and going.